Smart Home

Smart Home Security System Setup

Welcome to smarter home security.  Let’s take a minute to set up the system to meet  your needs. First, download the mobile app log in  using your username and password. Take a moment to  familiarize yourself with the dashboard from here,  you can view and control every aspect of your  system. Now let’s set up notifications so that you  can know the minute something meaningful happens  at home. In the left side menu, find notifications  enable push notifications here. You’ll find  several suggested notifications, which you  can easily turn on. Let’s set up a system, not  armed notification to alert you. If you forget  to arm your security system by a certain time  of day, or if you leave home without arming.  And if you did forget to arm your system, you  can take action, right from your mobile device.  From the left side menu, you can also set up  scenes, which allows you to control multiple  devices with the touch of a button. Next, make  sure geo services is enabled so that your system  knows when you’re away. This will allow you to  automate rules and alerts based on your device  locations. You’ll need to log into your online  account to set up geo fences around your home  work and other locations from your online  account, you can also update your password,  add your mobile number and set up users for  questions about your setup, or to learn more  about the smart services available to  you. Contact your service provider.